Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

We have been in business since 2018. We have a good number of regular customers. Our team is always working relentlessly with professionalism to provide you the best products. Justifying the professionalism of our team and positive reviews of our customers, you can be convinced that we are legit. If you still have doubts then you are missing your own big opportunities.
We use clearnet coinbase commerce payment gateway, which is secure and safe. Sometimes it shows error loading on TOR browser. Refresh the checkout page 1-2 times and it will work through.
Yes we will use escrow. But we will not use escrow’s with intellectual or physical property within the German or USA control. The chances of getting a transaction frozen are low but they exist, the last thing you want is getting investigated for knowingly buying stolen cash. That’s fucking jail time. We will use escrow’s but not the same one you would use to sell grandma scooter. We will not use Clear net escrows as they track everything (Name, Address, IP, etc) even if they say they don’t. Dark net escrows are a gamble as well. Do not think if you use a Dark net escrow you are lowering your risk. In some cases you may be even increasing your risk.
All cards are safe for delivery and are not prohibited items. We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, magazines and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with a high quality of printing and embossing.
CLONED CARD is a card whose details have been copied using a dedicated device called “ATM Skimmer” or by hacking into credit card databases on the Internet. The card is associated with a person’s bank account. PREPAID CARD is a card that can be used anywhere that accept a visa or MasterCard but the difference is that it is a card that is not associated with any bank account and does not have any identification information and therefore its use is completely anonymous!
Immediately after payment, we will receive a notification of your order and process it. If you ordered cards, we will ship your order within 1 day. If you ordered a transfer, we will send it within 4-5 hours.
Yes, we do. All cards have magnetic stripe & chip with PIN Code
We ship cards worldwide.
Visa, MasterCard and American Express are international cards, and you can use them at any ATM.
Of course, we withdraw for ourselves. But we cannot cash much money in one small city, because it is dangerous. It is easier and safer for us to deal with the sale. We also believe in Bitcoin and hope to get rich with it.
All our products come with user manual or guide for safe use. You will succeed in carding following our guide, even if you're noob.

Money Transfer questions

Yes absolutely safe. The money will be sent from a clean and verified account with six-month transactions history.
Wester Union and MoneyGram transfers are the most secure thing that you can find in Deep Web. These transfers can not be canceled or disputed by the victim because such transfers between individuals are not regulated by any law. It is like when somebody on the street gives you cash for no reason. Of course he can not cancel that transfer later or go to police and ask them to do that. The police doesn’t even accept such applications. For ever higher security we make only low amount transfers.