How to Activate your BuyCvv Account ?

We have a Great System for Add fund ! System is connect to the Blockchain and Etherhain. ( Api System ).

All Members have a different transaction id for payments , Api System is Create Invoice Id , Transaction Id , Exchange Rate ( ex: 30 USD>0.003BTC ) .

Step1 : Billing >>> Add Fund >>> Enter Amount >>> Click to (your Decision) Bitcoin or Ethereum Button.

Step2 : Go to your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, and Send exact amount on the Invoice Page, pay the Invoice on time.

Step3 : Waiting 1 confirmation on Blockchain or Etherchain ! Api system auto detected ( Confirms) , Your balance will be update when got 1 confirmation !


The invoice is invalid if you do not pay the bill on time.

Minimum $100 Required for Activation and Topup.