Add funds with Cypher Market Api System

1. Enter the amount of you want to ADD FUNDS and prefer to checkout with Bitcoin.
2. Api System creates unique address and auto invoice id for all transactions.
3. To pay this invoice, send the exact amount in BTC to the given address.
4. Currency : USD.
Bitcoin course : Auto ,
Note: if you send an amount smallest than $100 , Your account status will not be active.


ETH : 0x10B12276C775ACfaDA67FBce17Cc76f510dA5576

Bonus Range:

You will receive an instant bonus, if you top up an amount in the following range.{Valid for first top up only}

$120 - $499   (Instantly $55)
$500 - $1,499 (Instantly $100)
$1.5K - $3K (Instantly $225)

* The minimum amount of deposit: $100 for account activation.