Terms of Service

  • You agree with all the rules and terms prior to use our service


  • We only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you using pm or wmz, please do exchange to bitcoin or ethereum
  • Every members different btc or eth address from api system !
  • Your account activate and balance will be updated automatic when your fund got 1 confirmation on blockchain or etherchain.

Orders and Checkers

  • Status of Orders : Processing, Unknown, Requesting refund : checker will be recheck and update on 5-10 min !
  • Default check time for country zones, it may be different between bases and may be changed at any time
  • Other cards with dob, fullz, vbv only 3 min for check !

          Europe ................... 5 min               Asia ....................... 5 min             Australia ............... 5 min

          USA ....................... 5 min               Latin America ....... 5 min             United Kingdom .... 5 min

          Canada ................. 5 min               Africa .................... 5 min                

  • Our service is not responsible for card holder info: Address, city, state, zip, phone, dob, ssn, mmn, name and etc...
  • Our service DO NOT provide moneyback from account balance
  • It is extremely necessaary to explain Your problem in ticket system with maximum details
  • System will be suppended any account got hign invalid rate ( > 90% invalid rate )
  • Our service may BAN your account with follwing reasons:

          Cheating, Hign Invalid Rate, Rude ticket request, Potential Hack, Ticket flood and any other suspicious activity

  • Service DO NOT provide refund for cards marked as 'valid' on checker.
  • Maybe cards not enough balance to spend or killed by checkers . We not control it !
  • Approval codes: 00, 85, 11 (may differ between checkers)
  • Service DO NOT provide refund for 'NO REF' cards
  • Use only checkers in ORDERS to get refund for dead cards.
  • If one checker down, use another one. Do not flood tickets about it
  • NEVER request updates in ticket system. Watch for news page.
  • Terms may be updated or changed in future...


- I have just registered. What should I start from? 
Read the rules, right after that You can activate your account (Billing>Add funds) a get started for buyings. 

- What should I do if card is not valid? 
Use our checkers and autoreplace according to the rules. Don't Open a new Ticket when you not use checker .

- Where to apply if I have a question? 
Use our automated ticket system (Support>Create a New Ticket).

- When will I receive an aswer for ticket?
They are processed in queue as soon as possible.

- I'm dissapointed with price policy of the service!
Prices are correspondent to the material quality. 

- Lost Password ?
To reset your password,  you need provide us proof of payment ( bitcoin or eth ) , go to your wallet, take a picture and upload it to http://imgur.com/upload .

Create a new ticket and send us .